Marc Nadeau

Head Strengh & Conditioning Coach and Athletic Therapist

Marc Nadeau is Westlake Bourget College’s first appointed Head Strength & Conditioning Coach. Marc has worked with athletes at the CIS University, high school, and pro sports levels, most under the tutelage of renowned Sports Performance pioneer Scott Livingston (former Montreal Canadiens Sports & Conditioning Coach). Marc began pursuing his passion after graduating from Concordia University with a BSc. in Exercise Science with Specialization in Athletic Therapy (Marc will therefore also take on Athletic Therapy duties with WBC). After graduation, he also studied to receive his certificate as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Marc is also a practitioner of “reconditioning”, a highly regarded methodology of joining the worlds of Performance training and Athletic Therapy in order to create wholesome, robust athletes.

Marc’s athletes vary between a wide variety of sports, predominantly at the elite level. Working within the spectrum of different sports, Marc has developed a unique ability to adapt his methods to the demands of each sport and individual. However, much of Marc’s experience is in all aspects of development for the sport of hockey, functioning as the liaison between on-ice skill development and physical development. Marc’s vision is to guide the young men at Westlake Bourget College, and help them grow and develop into well-rounded, healthy, and injury-free athletes. Marc fosters this by building a culture of sustained growth, humility, and respect as these facets are paramount to the success of each player, and the program as a whole. The long term goal is to create a pipeline of robust athletes, while providing the proper tools to succeed on and off the ice. This will be accomplished by revolutionizing the physical pillar of athletic development.

Underpinned by character and commitment, the Strength & Conditioning program will constantly strive to improve and grow within the program and keep up with modern day technologies and adaptations. Through careful planning of exercise selection, execution, intensity, and volume, Marc will build athletes that are best in size, strength, and power, while managing stress and fatigue. The athletes will constantly be screened for movement dysfunction, to isolate physiological problems and injuries before they happen. The Westlake Bourget College hockey department will be an innovative program that will provide our athletes a distinct competitive advantage immediately, and into their respective futures.