Maxime Chevrier

Mindset Performance Coach

Maxime Chevrier is a consultant in sports psychology, teacher in psychology, author as well as speaker. A graduate of UQTR in psychology, Maxime has also specialized in cognitive training and concussion management. He is also one of the few in Canada to have advanced training in the NeuroTracker, a cognitive tool, which can be particularly beneficial for athletes, concussion management and as a tool for ADHD. Maxime’s track record is full and recognized thanks to his many years of experience in the field. His expertise is beneficial for many young people, amateur, professional and Olympic athletes. Whether for mental preparation, stress management or more, Maxime helps athletes reach their full potential and perform at their highest level. Maxime is also the co-author of the book “Psychopathology: an integrated approach”, published in 2011 and republished in 2017, which is used in the curricula of several colleges and universities.

Maxime will take care of the mental preparation of the players through workshops, conferences and individual and group meetings. Maxime will provide tools to help players face different situations such as: adversity, stress management, goals and motivation as well as many other issues that can arise in the life of a Student-Athlete.